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  • You have a project or an idea, that we can help you to implement.
  • You want you or your business to be a vivid individuality.
  • There is a wish to get us involved in some creative work or co-work.
  • You just want to say “Hi!”


  • The best and the most comfortable way to talk to us is to send us an email to piyush@mekhia.com
  • or call us on:
  1. Mr Gopal Mekhia, CEO. ( IT Services )
    Phone: +91 94 27 455600
    Email: gopal@mekhia.com
  2. CA Piyush Mekhia, Director. ( Financial Services )
    Phone: +91 94 27 244711
    Email: piyush@mekhia.com
  3. Ms Paragi Mekhia, COO.
    Email: paragi@mekhia.com
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